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International Freight Forwarding Popovo

Popovo LTD is a company established to provide adequate service level to all potential clients, with regards to freight forwarding and international expedition.

ured DoljaniBasic business scopes of our company are international and nationwide freight forwarding and arrangements of various transport activities.

We are able to provide full range of freight forwarding and dispatching services, including, but not limited to:

... all with maximum efficiency.

Our mission and contemporary business concept reflects within the quality of service, communication capacity, adjustment ability, optimum deadlines to have the work done, accompanied with fair prices.

Popovo - International Freight Forwarding - at your service

Freight Forwarding

Popovo d.o.o. with its subsidiaries, is managing freight forwarding services to a number of clients, within the broad scope of demands and with the wide range of engagement.


Feel free to contact us, via telephone, e-mail or paying a direct visit to any of our offices - we would be pleased to meet your needs and engage fully, in order to fulfill your business requirements.


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